Boutique Seller Solutions

Create professional studio-quality product white background images with your mobile phone, making your products stand out among many main images. At the same time, generate realistic scene images close to customers' daily lives with one click, creating a sense of intimacy and significantly increasing sales.

Reduced shooting costs


Increased main image click-through rate


Increased product conversion rate

Shoot with a Phone, Easily Create White Background Images

Easily take photos of product images with a phone, AI quickly converts them into commercial white background images, making your products stand out among many primary images.

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AI Infinitely Changes Real Scenes, Boosting Purchases

Is the studio scene monotonous and the cost of outdoor shooting high? One-click to create product scene images close to local customs, effectively stimulate customer purchasing desire, and increase conversion rate!

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Real Cases

Localized Scene Images

Generate scene images with local scenic features, no longer limited to the size of the studio, allowing customers to experience products as if they were there.

Infinite Post Creative Images

Use image fusion, zero-cost infinite generation of scene images, mass release of post promotion posts, fully utilize free traffic.

Easy forNovices

With just a few simple steps, you can get your unique product images.

Smart Cutout

One-click cutout with no jagged edges or white edges, say goodbye to Photoshop.

Scene Image Generation

Easily generate background images suitable for product placement according to instructions.

AI Adaptive Lighting and Shadow

Give you the shooting effect of a 10,000 RMB studio.

More Practical Tools

Provide rich image processing tools to simplify complex operations and enhance image quality, immediately igniting consumer desire to purchase.

Batch One-click Cutout

One-click batch removal of backgrounds from images of people, products, animals, and objects, making your operation design more efficient.

Image HD Transformation

Make blurry images clear in seconds, say goodbye to blurry quality, and improve the quality of product images.

Lossless Zoom

Maximum support for 16K lossless zoom. Enlarge clearly without distortion, more detailed.

Interested in Customizing AI Capabilities?

Intelligent AI services such as one-click image creation, writing, knowledge Q&A, etc., help businesses reduce costs, increase efficiency, and unleash creativity.

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