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Support for Various Modes of Corporate Customization

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Customized On-Demand AI Virtual Supermodel

Customize your exclusive AI virtual model to inject unique charm into your brand. Upgrade from traditional mannequins or amateur shoots to a unified model image, enhancing visual consistency, perfectly matching brand tone, boosting conversion rates by 60%, and significantly enhancing brand influence.

Customer-Provided Authorized Models

Utilize customer-authorized model portraits with Kerqu.Ai's standard data collection, precisely recreating model images with AI technology. No need to wait for long scheduling times, instant availability, increasing efficiency by up to 10 times, reducing costs by over 80%, achieving efficient and economical brand image upgrades.

Customized On-Demand AI Virtual Scenarios

Customized AI virtual scenarios create a unique visual experience for your brand. Upgrade traditional shoot images to a unified scene, effectively saving time, labor, and financial costs. This innovative solution makes brand marketing more efficient and cost-effective.

More Services

Private deployment to ensure data security Independent resources for higher image generation efficiency Exclusive model training service API usage permissions provided Customized development to integrate with enterprise's own system More customized services...

Customer Cases

A mature and efficient standard delivery system, highly recognized by customers

Owner of a Women's Clothing Brand

Every quarter, we launch a large number of new women's clothing styles, but the model scheduling is long and the cost is high. Now, except for the main push models of the season, the rest of the new products all use the AI model drawing service of Kequ. This helps us quickly generate product pictures for online testing, and the speed of renewal has increased by 10 times, and the cost has been reduced by 90%. Online testing allows us to quickly adjust production plans, significantly improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Person in Charge of Sportswear Products

The cooperation process is simple and easy to follow, select the model image to generate a digital model, arrange plain person clothing, and generate services through Kequ AI. In this way, we can quickly obtain high-quality product pictures that perfectly fit the style positioning of our sportswear. It not only solves the problem of model scheduling and shooting but also has a very high usability rate for AI-generated images, and the company's cost in model shooting has been reduced by 85%. The entire process has become efficient and worry-free.

Operations Director of a Sweater Brand

As a sweater brand, we need to shoot models for different styles and colors of sweaters. The images generated by Kequ AI are very delicate in detail processing, fully displaying the unique texture and design features of each sweater. This not only makes our products more competitive in market promotion but also makes our product display more vivid and eye-catching. Such innovative technology helps us quickly respond to market demand, flexibly adjust production plans, and greatly improve operational efficiency. All of this has given our brand an advantageous position in the fierce market competition.