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We integrate advanced AI technology, dedicated to providing outstanding solutions for cross-border e-commerce sellers, helping you enhance brand influence and sales conversion rate, and bidding farewell to the busy daily marketing routine!

One-Stop E-commerce AI Solutions

Model Change Scene Saves Outdoor Shooting Costs

Upload signed model studio photos, and the model can be replaced in different scenes, saving over 50% of outdoor shooting costs.

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AI-Generated Model Image Listing

Upload model images, use AI technology to analyze product images, and automatically generate localized, high-buried-word listings, saving time and effort.

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AI Image Processing Creative and Efficient

Provides a rich set of image processing tools, simplifying complex operations to make image processing truly easier.

AI Image Creation

Generate high-quality material images with copyright-free based on keywords with just one click.

Model Background Change

Upload a model image, change the scene with one click, and achieve a perfect fit.

Product Background Change

Upload an image, enter keywords, and get a perfect combination of product and background.

Image Fission

Upload a reference image of a product scene, and get multiple similar scene images in 3 seconds.

Remove Background

One-click batch removal of background for people, products, animals, and object images.

Image Enhancement

Make blurry images clear in seconds, say goodbye to fuzzy quality.

Lossless Enlargement

Supports up to 16K lossless image enlargement. Enlarges without losing clarity, making details more abundant.

AI Model Replacement

Replace models in any image.

One-stop Artificial Intelligence Content Generator

Quickly generate content for listings, SEO-oriented content, social media promotion articles, automatic email replies, and more than 200 ready-made applications.

One-click Copywriting

Select an application, enter keywords, and generate copy automatically.

One-click Optimize Copy

Comprehensively optimize listing content to increase conversion rates.

One-click Translate Copy

Supports output in 14 languages, fully meeting the needs of multi-site operations.

Kerqu.Ai Provides More Comprehensive Services for Businesses

Asset Management

Real-time display of resource usage Permission control management Enterprise data library

Data Security

Data storage for 3 years Exclusive applications for enterprises Sharing of resources within the enterprise

Batch Generation

Batch writing of compelling copies Batch cutout, generation of images Automatic task execution

Unleash Creativity

AI helps speed up and improve efficiency Generate creative text and images Automate repetitive tasks

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Interested in Customizing AI Capabilities?

Intelligent AI services such as one-click image creation, writing, knowledge Q&A, etc., help businesses reduce costs, increase efficiency, and unleash creativity.

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