Convenient Sidebar AI Assistant

  • Can help you read and write articles across all websites
  • Supports image-based chatting, quickly analyzing key selling points and keywords in images
  • Provides cross-border e-commerce product research, keyword mining, advertising analysis, comment analysis, and other widgets
  • Automatically edits images on webpages, such as cutouts, HD conversions, scene changes, AI painting, etc.

Unable to access Google apps? Check the installation instructions.


All-in-One AI Assistant

Integrated AI Chatbot

Integrates multiple AI models into the chatbot, such as KQ-3.5, KQ-4, KQ-4 Vision, Gemini Pro, and Gemini Pro Vision. Select the desired robot model based on the usage scenario to fully meet the chat needs of different scenarios.

AI Q&A Component Service for Cross-border E-commerce

Quickly generate listing content, SEO content guidance, social media promotion article writing, automatic reply to emails, and more than 200 ready-to-use applications. One-click writing, one-click optimization, one-click translation, comprehensively improve work efficiency.

AI Image Processing Tool - Image Creation and Editing

Generate high-quality, high-resolution images from plain text One-click change of scene for models and products Remove background or any other elements Batch cutout, image HD conversion, lossless enlargement of high-resolution images

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Intelligent AI services such as one-click image creation, writing, knowledge Q&A, etc., help businesses reduce costs, increase efficiency, and unleash creativity.

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