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Hangzhou Kerqu Technology Co., Ltd. is a service provider that offers a one-stop AI solution for cross-border e-commerce. Committed to efficiently helping small and medium-sized cross-border merchants go global, the company uses advanced Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC) technology to enhance content marketing. This aids in promoting global brand presence, increasing brand influence and conversion rates, and achieving long-term brand growth. The company's mission is to simplify and streamline the process of taking brands overseas. The core team comes from companies such as Alibaba, NetEase, and Sohu. Kerqu.Ai is an AI product launched by Kerqu, specifically designed for cross-border e-commerce. It provides multi-language AI copywriting and efficient graphic design functions to help sellers quickly create attractive product descriptions and professional images. Without the need for a professional design or writing background, sellers can enhance product display effects on major e-commerce platforms, assist in localizing content materials, and strengthen competitiveness in international markets. Through AIGC-powered content marketing, Kerqu.Ai helps cross-border sellers validate product selection strategies, understand the traffic sources of competitors/variants, optimize listings, and adjust sales strategies, enabling quick analysis and decision-making to enhance operational efficiency.


Simplify and streamline the process of taking brands overseas efficiently


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Kerqu.Ai will continuously optimize the effectiveness of existing AI services, while also delving deeper into unresolved pain points in the field of text and image processing. We aim to introduce more high-quality AI services for both C-end and B-end customers. Kerqu.Ai aspires to become a globally leading brand in text and image processing, making Kerqu.Ai known to users worldwide. With Kerqu.Ai's AI text and image processing services, we strive to make more users' lives better!


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